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revised July 2017   
- A -
ABBOTTLondon 18001340
ACLEEast Dean, Seaford1800 – todate1485
ADDINGLYAll areasAll dates967/968
ADICOTTWitheridge, Devon1780 to 1880635
ALCEWest Sussex1750-18001288
ALCOCKLincolnshireBefore 19001339
ALLENMassachusets, USA18th to 19th c.36
AMOR and variantsHampshireAll dates1017
AMOR and variantsEast LondonAll dates1017
ANDERSONEastbourne, Sussex1920s to 1930s1236
ARCHEREssex / Suffolk1800 onwards1014
ARNOLDAstwick, BedfordshireAll periods623
ARNOTTIslington, St Pancras & Chiswick1800 to 18501203
ARNSBYHuntingdonshire1700 to 19001235
ARNSBYFinedon, Northants.1700 to 19001235
ARNSBYCambridgeshire1700 to 19001235
ASHBEEKent1840 onwards674
ASHBURNERWandsworth, LondonPre 19001284
ASHEYWhitstable, KentPre 18601331/1332
ASPITTLEYaxley, huntingdonshirePre 1830132
ATTERTONRayleigh, Essex19001318
ATTERTONRomford, Essex18321318
ATTERTONLondon 1870 – 19001318
AUSTINHertford, LutonAny1466
AVERYSussexAll periods411
- B -
BABERDownend/Mangotsfield, Glos, Eastbourne1860's todate1484
BABERHastings1860's todate1484
BAGSHAWLondonAll dates1288
BAINAll areasAny1478
BAKERKensington & St Pancras, LondonPre 18301056
BAKER Fletchl ingAny1438
BALAAMEast LondonAll dates1017
BALCOMBEHastings & Battle1790 – 19201080
BAMBERSussex & Kent1000 to 20111413
BARBEREccles, Lancashire1881950
BARHAMRye Sussex, KentASll dates1296/1297
BARLOWSussexPre 19401407
BARNACLECoventry, WarwickshirePre 18161056
BARNARDSidmouth, DevonPre 180046
BARNARDLaughton, Westham1680 – 17801475
BARNESPett & Rye, Sussex1760 to 1900467
BARROWHeathfield, Sussex1777 onwards778
BARTLEEakring, NottinghamshireAll periods586
BARTLEYHurstpierpoint, Sussex1800 to 1860425
BAULCOMBE (+ variants)Battle, Sussex1800 onwards1080
BBROOKBerwick, Sussex1700s760
BEACHAMStow-in-the-Wold, Gloucestershire1800 to present972/1135
BEACONSussex and Kent19th c.967/968
BEANEYSussex1650 to 1800663
BEANEYCamberwell, SurreyAll periods1017
BEECHAll areas1700 onwards1141
BEECHINGAshburnham, SussexPre 1830940
BEESTONAshbourne, Derbyshire1800 onwards1191/1192
BEGGSLanarkshire18th c1319
BELLGreenwich, Deptford, Berwick on TweedAny1470
BENFIELDHants & SussexAll dates1391
BENHAMHamAll periods949
BENNETTDorset & SomersetAny period117
BENTLEYNewark, Nottinghamshire18th to 19th c.737
BERBOROUGHSt Ebbe, Oxfordshire1800 onwards1235
BERRERHants & SussexAll dates1391
BERTRANDHampstead, London1920s to 1930s1236
BIBBYGreat Horkesley, EssexAny period623
BIDDELLBethnal Green, London1880-1890880
BIDDLECOMBHants & SussexAll dates1391
BILLINGTONSouth England1900 & earliea1339/1400
BINDINGNorth Somerset1760 – 18501464
BIRDDerbypre 19011207/1208
BISSENDENMargate, KentAny1484
BLACKMANStorington, Sussex1800 onwards778
BLAIRSeaham Co. DurhamAll dates1353/1354
BLOXAMLondon1850 to date831
BLOXHAMLondon1850 to date831
BOBYStowup[land, Suffolk18th to 19th c.888
BONETonbridge, Kent1800 to present972/1135
BONIFACEHailsham, Eastbourne, SussexAll dates1403
BOOKERAll locationsAll dates1026
BOONGretton, Nothants.18th to 19th c.888
BOTTWaltham Cross EssexAll dates1296/1297
BOUCHERFalmouth1820 onwards1164
BOURKECo. Mayo, Ireland179810
BOURNECuckfield, Sussex19th c.118
BOURNE-PARRISHankham SussexT.B.A.1405
BOWDENSomersetAll periods910
BOWDENSurreyAll periods910
BOWDENShorditch, London1770 – 18501464
BOWLSBurford, Oxfordshire18th to 19th C.1104
BOYSSussexAll periods770
BRADBURYUnknown1700 onwards1141
BRADFORDClayton, Eastbourne1580 – 19001475
BRADLEYLondon1700 to 1850663
BRANDTherfield, Hertfordshire18th c.623
BRAYSt Austell, Cornwall18th to 19th c.737
BRAYBONSussex & Kent1700 to 1850423
BREACHAshurst, East SussexTBA1369
BRENNANBrightopn, Sussex1`800 to 1900940
BRETTEast SussexAll dates1188/1189
BROWNBrighton, Sussexpre 18501182
BROWNESussex18th c.967/968
BRUCEKent1700 to 1800695
BRUCELatheron1800 onwards1164
BRUMWELLLonbdonAll dates1428
BUCKMANSussex1700 to 1860425
BUDDReigate, Surrey1800s2
BUDDHants & SussexAll dates1391
BUDDWest Sussex, Battersea1800 – 19001471
BUDDENChalton, HampshirePre 1830956
BUDGENArdingly & Horsted Keynes, Ssx1790s2
BUGBIRDRuislip, Middlesex1800 to 1850154
BULLChiddingly, SussexAll dates1299
BULLENWoking, Surrey1787-1900956
BULLOCKClerkenwell, LondonPre 18201056
BURCHETTHerstmonceux, Sussex1700-1900492
BURCHETTWartling, Sussex1700-1900492
BURCHETTWest Thorney, Sussex1900-1930492
BURGESSWiltshireBefore 19001339
BURGESSMutford, Lowestoft1861/1877/18291369
BURRHackney, Middlesex1800-1830154
BURRHarrow, Middlesex1830-1950154
BURRTring, Hertfordshire1830-1950154
BURWOODLowestoft, Suffolk17661369
BUSTINWarwickshire, Nothants1700 – 19001475
BUTCHEROld Newton, Suffolk1700 onwards888
BUTTDorset & SomersetAll dates117
BUTTONSuffolk1750 onwards1421/1422
BYFORDSurrey or any locationPre 18301056
BYFORDTillington, Sussex1790 to 18201056
BYLANDHastings & Battle1790 – 19301080
- C -
CAFFULLHereford, WorcesterAny1481
CAMPBELLDurhamAll dates117
CANNRomansleigh, Devon1790 to 1850635
CARDFrant, SussexAll dates1353/1354
CAREBrafield, Northants.Pre 1740132
CARLISLEAll LocationsAll dates1026
CARLISLEBermondsey, Surrey1800 to 18501026
CARLISLESpitalfields, London1700 to 18501026
CARPENTERUpton-Scudamore, Wilts.Pre 1870831
CARPENTEREly, Sussex1890 – 19201468
CARPENTER Hampshire ( Selborne )1790 – 18451435
CARPENTER Hampshire ( Selborne )1790 – 18451435
CARPENTER Hampshire ( Selborne )1790 – 18451436
CARPENTER Hampshire ( Selborne )1790 – 18451436
CARRIreland & Durham18th to 19th c.117
CARRSussex1800s to 1900s774
CARTERUdimore & Brede, Sussex18th to 20th c.592
CARTERSussexAll dates770
CARTERBexhill, Sussex1890 to 1930774
CARTERLondon and WW1 YpresAll dates1425/1426
CARTWRIGHTAll areas1750 to 18501191/1192
CASSELLBethnal Green, LondonAll dates755
CATCHPOLEMutford, Lowestoft18631369
CATTWartling, Sussex1830s760
CATTEast SussexAll dates1188/1189
CEDARGREENStepney, London1700 onwards1141
CEDARGREENSouthampton, Hants.1700 onwards1141
CHAILWAYDevon, Cornwall & Sussex1000 to 20111413
CHALLENEastbourne, Sussex1920s to 1930s1236
CHALMERSKirkmaiden18th to 19th c.888
CHAMBERSSussex1820 to 1900469
CHAPLINClacton on Sea, Essex1800's1454
CHAPMANHastings, Sussex1870-1930467
CHAPPELLLondon1840 to 19201187
CHEALSeaford, Sussex18th - 19th c1319
CHEALBrighton & Eastbourne, Sussex1840 onwards1414
CHESHAMLondon, Middlesex18th to 19th c.1088
CHESSUMLondon, Middlesex18th to 19th c.1088
CHRIS MAS James was a baker by tradePunnetts Town Sussex 1930 – 19501431
CHRIS MAS James was a baker by tradeWestham Sussex1950 and after1431
CHRYSTIEBute & Argyll, ScotlandLate 19th to 20th c.36
CHURCHILLDevon & Cornwall1000 to 20111413
CLARKESturminster Dorset1800 to 19001419
CLAYEssex, Kent1600's - 1900's1456/1457
CLEMENTSLee, Kent19th c.1069
CLEMENTSHants & SussexAll dates1391
CLEMENTSLarne, N. IrelandAll1411
CLEVERSLEYLondon1750 to present1421/1422
CLEWLEYStaffs & Oxfordshire1730 to present1421/1422
CLEWLEYStaffs, Berks, Oxon1500 – 20131449/1450
CLIFFSouth Yorkshire18001097
CLIFFORDEastbourne, Sussex1900 to date586
CLIFFORDJohannesburg, S.A.1960 to 1990586
CLIFTONKent1800s to 1900s774
CLIMPSONSussex, KentAny1482/1483
CLUELYStaffs & Oxfordshire1730 to present1421/1422
COATESNorfolk19th c.755
COLEMANSussexPre 18481097
COLEMANHerts & HerefordAll dates1296/1297
COLLINSSussex1800 to 1860425
COLLINSONChatham, Kent1800 onwards26
COLLMANSussexPre 19401407
COMBENPortland, DorsetPre 1900396
COOKDevon1700 to 1800423
COOKGosport, Hampshire18th c.808
COOKEvenwood, Yorkshire18th to 19th c.888
COOKEvenwood, Yorkshire18th to 19th c.888
COOKLambet & Bromley, London1900 to present1420
COOKNorth EnglandAll dates1222/1223
COOLINGGloucestershire19th c.1104
COOPERNewhaven, Sussex1790 onwards737
COOPERChepstoe, Monmouthshire19th c.737
COOPERHitchin, Herts.1830 onwards737
COOPERLeicestershireAbout 1800737
COOPERWorcs., Warwickshire & Staffs.All dates826
COOPER / COPPARDWestham, Pevensea1600 – 18501474
COPLEYAll locationsAll dates1026
COPLEYHackney, London1870 to 19501026
COPPINSKent1840 onwards674
COREDulwich & Lambeth, London1900 to present1420
CORNFORDAny in Sussex1550 to 2000154
CORNFORDWarbleton area, SussexAll dates1043
CORNWALLWarbleton area,Sussex & USAAll dates1043
CORNWELLEastbourne1600 – 19501474
COSHAMMayfield,SussexPrior to 18561307
COSHAMMayfield, SussexPre 18561307
COTTERELLBristol, South Gloucestershire1760 – 19001464
COTTINGHAMEast SussexAll1382/1383
COTTINGTONAll in Sussex1700 to 190027
COTTINGTONRotherfield,SussexAll dates770
COTTLEMarston, Somerset1750 to 18001102
COTTONStaffs, ShropshireUp to 19001349
COURSENSEast SussexAll1382/1383
COUTUSt Peters Port, Guernseypre 18501191/1192
COWENDurham20th c.117
COWSTICKSussex1700 to 18001102
COWSTICKWillingdon, sussex1800 to 18501102
CRANESuffolk & Norfolk1800 to 1900806
CRAVENYorkshireAll dates117
CRICKDover & Buckland, Kentpre 18401182
CRIPPSSussex, Kent & Devon950 to 20111413
CRISFORDHastings, SussexAll dates586
CROSLANDSouth YorkshireUp to 19001349
CROSSBerks. & Oxfordshire1650 to 1850663
CROSSLittle Finborough, Suffolk16th to 19th c.888
CROSSWELLCroydon, Surrey1806 onwards1235
CROUCHEast Sussex1850 to 19001234
CROUCHERFrittenden & Maidstone, Kent1870 to present1420
CROWESouth Wales, Shropshire1700 – todate1464
CROWHURSTHailsham, Eastbourne, SussexAll dates1403
CROWTHERSalsbury (?)18th to 19th c.1104
CROWTHERIronbridge, Shropshire1800 onwards1104
CRUTTENDENEast Sussex1500 – 18001474
CUMMINGAberdeanshire, Scotland1700s – 1900s1375
CUMMINGSBermondsey, Essex18th & 19th c1385
CUNNINGHAMHoughton Sussex1830 to 19001394
CURTISHeathfield, Sussexpre 18001182
- D -
DALEWest SussexAll1382/1383
DANIELHighgate London1800 to 19001394
DANIELSouth EnglandAll dates1222/1223
DANIELLCroydon, SurreyEarly 20th c.36
DANNHeathfield,SussexAll dates770
DANNArlington, Ssx1885 to 1920940
DANNHorsebridge, Sussex1910 to 1920940
DANNRipe, Heathfield & Worthing, Ssx1800 to present972/1135
DANNHeathfield, Sussex1800 onwards972/1135
DANNRipe, Ssx1800 to present972/1135
DANNSt Pancras, London1800 to present972/1135
DARBYOld Newton, Suffolk1700 onwards888
DAVEYEdenbridge, KentPre 1860396
DAVEYLingfield, SurreyPre 1820396
DAVEYShermansbury, SussexPre 1900633
DAVEYAlphington, Devon1860 to 1900635
DAVEYMorchard Bishop, Devon1826 to 1840635
DAVIESSuffolk & Cambridgeshire19th c.1104
DAVIESShrewsbury, ShropshireUp to present1349
DAVISSonning, Berkshire19th c.349
DAVISWillingdon, SussexPre 1850396
DAVISBoxgrove, SussexPre 1700857
DAVISBroadway, Somerset1800 to 1900880
DAVISTower Hamlets, LondonPre 18171056
DAVISBrightling & Montgomeryshire18th & 19th c1385
DAYLondon & Middlesex1750 to 19001056
DAYStaffordshire & Derbyshire1850 to 18701056
DAYWallington, Surrey1940s1302
de CAILLAQUETDevon & Cornwall1000 to 201211413
de CAILLIDevon, cornwall & Sussex950 to 20111413
DEARDENYorkshireUp to 19391349
DEAVINNewington, Surrey1750-18401056
DEMPSEYIreland? & England?1850-20021147
DeMulderLondon, BelgiumAny1476/1477
DENNETTSedlescombe, Sussex1700 to 1740154
DEVILLELondon, HertfordshirePre 19501460/1461
DEWDNEYDevonAll dates755
DILLOWAYSussexPre 1800469
DISHERLondon & Northants1750 onwards1421/1422
DISHERLondon & Northants1750 onwards1421/1422
DIXONHull & York, Yorkshire1880 onwards959
DOBLEAll areasAny1478
DOIGLondon1850 onwards1017
DONBrechin, Scotland19th c.36
DORKINGBrighton, SussexAll dates586
DOWSETTLondon, Middlesex19th c.117
DREWDevon17th to 19th c.755
DRURYLondon 18001340
DRYHampshire19th c.349
DUFFETTSurry, Hampshire1750 – 18701464
DUKEBexhill, Battle1600 – 19001474
DUNSunderland, Durham18th to 19th c.888
DUNNStrathblane, ScotlandEarly 20th c.36
DUNNLanark, Scotland19th to early 20th c.36
DUNNBenholm, ScotlandAll dates737
DUNNTorr, Antrim, IrelandAll dates737
DUNSTONEEastbourne, Blatchington1620 – 17001475
DUPLOCKBeddingham SussexAll dates1299
DUPLOCKGlynde, SussexAll dates1299
DUPLOCKHastings, SussexAll dates1299
DURRANTSouthwark, SurreyAll dates1017
- E -
EAMERHurst, Berkshire19th c.349
EASLEAOld Newton, Suffolk17th to 19th c.888
EASTReading, Berkshire18th c.350
EASTERBROOKDevon19th c.755
ECKERSLEYEccles, Lancashire1823950
EDEWadhurst1919 – todate1484
EDGELLFrome, Somerset19th c.350
EDWARDSKingsclere, Hants.19th c.349
ELDERLiverpool, Lancashire19th c.36
ELDRIDGEIcklesham, Sussex19th c.592
ELLIFFELondonAll dates1428
ELLWOODYelling, Huntingdonshire1800 to 1860635
ELLWOODSt Neots, Huntingdonshire1850 to 1890635
ELPHICKSussexAll dates770
ELSOMEMoulton, Lincolnonshire1770132
ELSOMEMoulton, Lincolnonshire1770132
ELSOMEMoulton, Lincolnonshire1770132
EMERYOverton, Northamptonshire1800132
EMERYSussexAll dates770
ENGLANDCanterbury, Kent1623132
ENGLANDMoulton, Lincolnshire1750132
ETHERIDGEHorsham, West Sussex18561369
EVERESTEast Grinstead, Sussex1800 onwards/td>778
EVERISTEast Grinstead, Sussex1900 to date778
EVETTLondon & Buckinghamshire19th to 20th c,117
EWINGTONLambeth, Surrey1906 to date1056
EYLESBurwash, SussexPre 18201182
- F -
FACEYDevon1700 to 1800423
FAIRALLEast SussexAll1382/1383
FAIRBAIRNSouth EnglandAll periods1222/1223
FAIRBAIRNSouth EnglandAll periods1222/1223
FAIRCLOTHEssexAll periods623
FARLEYSingleton Sussex1800 to 19001394
FEARYWestern Favell, Northants1760132
FEENEYDublin, Waterford, 1895 – todate1448
FIELDHachney & Lambeth, London1800 to 19201056
FIELDERFramfield, Sussex1690-1830156
FIELDEREastbourne, Sussex1800156
FIELDERSussexAll dates1420
FILDERFramfield, Sussex1690-1830156
FILDEREastbourne, Sussex1800156
FINCHDevon, Cornwall & Sussex1000 to 20111413
FINEGANCo. Mayo, Ireland18th & 19th c1385
FIRTHWestminster, middlesex18th to 19th c.118
FISHBrighton, SussexAll dates586
FITZGEORGESouth Kirby, Yorkshire18th c.262
FLATTHackney, London1820 to 19003
FLEMINGSt George in the East, London1800's1465
FOARDMayfield, Sussex1700s – 1900s1375
FOORDWestham, Eastbourne1800 – todate1485
FORBESPerthshire & Islington1600 to 18551423
FORDEast Hoathly, Sussex177510
FORDQuenbeyan, NSW, Australia1840s10
FORDRickmansworth, HertfordshirePre 19001096
FOSTERSalehurst, Sussex1650 to 1750154
FOSTERHereford, WorcesterAny1481
FOWLERJevington, Sussex1788 onwards778
FOWLERActon, Middlesex & Bristol18th to 19th c.888
FOWLESColn St. Aldwyns, Glouc.Pre 18601331/1332
FOXKent1850 onwards778
FRANCESouth LondonAll periods1222/1223
FRANKLINSussex & Kent1800s to 1900s774
FRECKLETONIreland ? & England ?1850-20021147
FRIENDCroydon, Penge800 onwards1014
FRIENDThornton Heath1800 onwards1014
FULLERGreat Stuckley, Huntingdonshire1760s132
FULLERBrightling18th & 19th c1385
FUNNELLRipe, Sussex17902
FUNNELLChiddingly, Sussex1700 to 1800423
FYNNEYStaffs 1750-19001387
- G -
GABBITASWestbury-on-Tyne, Gloucestershire18th c.967/968
GANDERFriston, Sussex1640 to 1643156
GANDERWillingdon, Sussex1643 to 1697156
GANDERWillingdon, Sussex1863 onwards156
GANDERHerstmonceux, Sussex1713 to 1794156
GANDERHellingly, Sussex1757 to 1820156
GANDERChiddingly, Sussex1812 to 1865156
GANDEREast Sussex1650 to 1900956
GANDERHellingly, Sussex1700 to 18001026
GARDINERGlamorgan, South Wales1840959
GARDNERGlamorgan, South Wales1840959
GARDNERChichester, SussexPre 18301182
GASSONHaywards Heath, Sussex1800s774
GAUSDENEastbourne, Sussex1700 to 1800423
GEARSussex1700 to 1800423
GEARFolkington, SussexAll dates1424
GEARINGEastbourne, Sussex19th to 20th c.824
GEERSussex1700 to 1800423
GEERESussex1700 to 1800423
GIBBONEvenwood, Yorkshire18th to 19th c.888
GIBBSOxford & Essex18001340
GIBBSBrighton & Eastbourne, Sussex1850 onwards1414
GILBERTStorrington, Sussex1800 onwards778
GILBERTLewes & Firle, SussexAll dates975
GILBERTBeddingham, SussexAll dates975
GILBERTWartling, Sussex1700 to 18001102
GILBOYNorthumberland1847 to 1950154
GILESGoudhurst, Kent1860s1302
GILESAldgate, London1780 – 18201464
GILLHam1820 onwards674
GILMOURWigtonshire, Scotland18th to 19th c.888
GLASSCOCKCambridgePre 19301460/1461
GLENSaskatchawan, Canada1896910
GLENAngus, ScotlandAll dates910
GLENNSaskatchawan, Canada1896910
GLENNAngus, ScotlandAll dates910
GODDARDReigate, Surrey19th c.824
GODDENEastbourne, SussexAll dates949
GODDENWestmeston, SussexAll dates949
GODDENEastbourne, SussexAll dates949
GODFREYSurrey, Co. DurhamAll dates1353/1354
GODWIN Rodbourn Chenny, Wiltshire1861 and before1437
GOLDSMITHHastings, Tonbridge, Suffolk1930s1403
GOLDSMITHBarking, Romford, Essex1780 – 18401464
GOODCHILDKingston, Surrey1700 to 19001026
GOODSONIslington, London1800 on1104
GOODSONSt Pancras, London18th to 19th c.1104
GORDONSussex, ScotlandAny1471
GOREDevon & London18th to 19th c.755
GOTSELLEwhurst, HollingtonAny1466
GOUGHAll areasAny1471
GRADYWandsworth & BatterseaPre 19001284
GREENNorthamptonshirePre 1850888
GREENSheffield, Yorkshire1700 onwards1141
GREENSeaford, Sussex1700 to 20001144
GREENOBethnal Green1800 onwards1318
GREENOLondon 19301318
GREGORYNorth Somerset1714 – 18201464
GRIFFINBrede, Sussex1840 to 1900154
GRIFFINIreland1800 onwards1104
GRIFFITHSSedlescombe1600 to 1750154
GRIFFITHS Brighton Sussex1750 – 19401430
GRINYER Brighton SussexBefore 18901430
GURRNorthiam, Sussex18th to 19th c.592
GURRSussex1680 to 1880956
GURRChiddingly, SussexAll dates1299
GURREastbourne, SussexAll dates1299
GURRWestham, Pevensea1600 – 18501474
GUTSELLSussex1600 to 2000154
- H -
HADDRELLWiltshire, Berkshire1800's1458/1459
HAFFENAll areas1780s onwards674
HAFFENDENHeathfield, Sussex1785 onwards778
HAGGAREastbourne , Westham1800 – todate1485
HALELondon1840 to 19001187
HALEEssex1700 to 18401187
HALLHeathfield, Sussex1800 onwards778
HALLEast Sussex1850 to 19001234
HAMBLETONSonning, BerkshirePre 1790349
HAMMONDSouth YorkshireUp to 19001349
HANCOCKCorsham, WiltshirePrior to 18871307
HANCOCKCorsham, Wiltshire18871307
HANKSEast SussexAll1382/1383
HANMOREKent & SussexAll dates469
HANNINGTONAshampstead, Berkshire19th c.350
HARDINGLondon 1800 - `19001340
HARMERSussex1500 to 2000154
HARMERAll areasAll dates411
HARMSWORTHLondonAll dates1428
HARRISEastbourne, Sussex1800- 19001314/1315
HARRISONKingston, Surrey1900 to 19501026
HARRISONSpalding, Lincolnshire1700 to 19001026
HARRISONStamford, Lincolnshire1850 to 19001026
HARRISONAll locationsAll dates1026
HARRISONNorthumberland1700 onwards1141
HARTSoutwark & Islington, London1800-1930s1056
HARTFIELDEast SussexPre 1880396
HARTFIELDFramfield, SussexPre 18201182
HARTNUPSussex, Kent & Liverpool1000 to 20111413
HATHONWigtownshire, ScotlandPr4e 1850888
HAYBITTLEReigate, Surrey1800s2
HAYLERSedlescombe, Sussex1730 to 1950154
HAYLERHastings, Sussex1850 to 1950154
HAYWARDHarting, SussexPre 18001182
HAYWARD JamesHurstmonceux 1904 and after1431
HEADEastbourne, SussexAll dates975
HEADWestham, Eastbourne1730 – 18501475
HEATHFIELDEastbourne, SussexPre 19011207/1208
HERBERTCork, Ireland1850 onwards1164
HERRIETSussexTo 19601403
HESLINGAll areas18th to 20th c.117
HICKMANChiddingly, SussexAll dates1026
HIDEArlington, Sussex1700 to 1845635
HIDEChiddingly, Sussex1850 to 1891635
HILLDevon & Yorkshire19th c.755
HILLWigtownshire, Scotland18th to 19th c.888
HILLSouth Gloucestershire, Bristol1780 – 18101464
HILLMANLondon 1840 & earlier1339/1400
HILTONAlfriston, Sussex1800 – 19001314/1315
HINEAGEDevon, Cornwall & Sussex950 to 20111413
HISCOCKSurrey1780 to 18101056
HITCHCOXWarwickshire, Nothants1620 – 18401475
HOADLewes, Sussex1700 to 19001135
HOBBSKentBefore 19001339
HOBDENBolney, Sussex1800s760
HOFFMANSouthampton, Hampshire1850 to 20021147
HOFFMANNSouthampton, Hampshire1850 to 20021147
HOLDSTOCKAppledore, Kent1730 to 1850467
HOLESDover, KentPre 18201182
HOLLANDMorley, Derbyshire/td>1750s132
HOLLANDBrighton & Eastbourne1800-19381387
HOLLAND Lewes SussexBefore 18501430
HOLLANDSEastbourne & Waldron, SussexAll dates1043
HOLLOBONEEastbourne, Sussex19th c.118
HOLLOWELLBrafield, NorthamptonshirePre 1870132
HOLSTOCKAppledore, Kent1730 to 1850467
HOLTLeigh, LancashireUp to 19001349
HOLYFIELDAll areasAll dates467
HORLEYIfield, Sussex1800 to 1900774
HORLEYKent & Surrey1900s774
HORNESussexAll dates1292
HOUGHTONFinedon, Northamptonshire1700 onwards1235
HOWARTHAll areas1700 onwards1141
HOWELLSMinstead, HampshirePre 18201182
HOWLANDMassachusetts, USA1820 onwards36
HOWLANDQuincy, Ma. USALate 19th to 20th c.36
HOWLANDFenstanton, Cambridgeshire16th to 17th c.36
HOWLEWillingdon, Sussex1800 onwards132
HOWLETTEssex1800 onwards1014
HUBBARDWhite Colne, Essex1760s132
HUGGETTEastbourne, Sussex179210
HUGHESFalmouth1820 onwards1164
HUMBERSTONEBlackfriars, London18th to 19th c.1104
HUNNISETT Sussex 1800’s1479
HUNNISETT Eastbourne1900's1447
HUNTEastbourne, SussexAll dates1043
HUNTTempleton, Devon1781 – 18161365
HUNTLondonAll dates1428
HUTCHINSONArlington, SussexPre 1750940
HUTCHINSONHooe, Sussex ?Pre 1750940
HUTCHINSONSussex1700 to 1800967/968
HUTCHINSONHooe, Sussex ?Pre 1731967/968
HUTCHINSONTenterden, KentPre 1816967/968
HUTCHISONArlington, SussexPre 1750940
HUTCHISONHooe, Sussex ?Pre 1750940
HUTCHISONSussex1700 to 1800967/968
HUTCHISONHooe, Sussex ?Pre 1731967/968
HUTCHISONTenterden, KentPre 1816967/968
HUXTABLEDevon18th c.755
HYATTLondonPre 19501460/1461
HYDERCroydon, Surrey1600's – 1900's1456/1457
HYLANDSSussexAll dates770
- I -
IGLESANTBreadsall. DerbyshirePre 1710132
ILEYDurham1750 to 18601056
ILEYCamberwell, Surrey1830 to date1056
ILEYSurrey1750 to 18601056
INKPENBrede, Sussex1740 to 1820154
ISAACDerry Hill, Wiltshire1882 – 18531365
ISTEDWarbleton Sussex1700 to 19001427
ISTEDHerstmonceux Sussex1800 to 19001427
- J -
JACKSONNewark, Notts.Late 18c.36
JACKSONWest SussexAll1382/1383
JEFFREYHastings, SussexAll dates1299
JEMPSONSussex1700 to 2000154
JEMPSONKent1700 to 2000154
JENKINSMassachusetts, USA18th c.36
JEPSONSkane SwedenAll dates1391
JESSOPPeckham, London1880 to 19031069
JESSOPSouthwark, Surrey18th to 19th c.1069
JEWELLKingsclere, Hampshire19th c.350
JOHNSONGlatton, Huntingdonshire1760s132
JONESBerriew, Montgomeryshire18251464
JUDDHampshire18th c1319
JUDGEEly, Suffolk1800s1102
JUPPBeeding, Sussex1700 to 1940633
JUTTONWashington1700 to 19001135
- K -
KARNERLondon1800 onwards1421/1422
KELLYDublin, Waterford, 1895 – todate1448
KELWAYSussex, Kent & Cornwall1950 to 20111413
KENDALLSussex19th c.118
KENDALLIsleworth, Middlesex1750 to 1950154
KENDALL MILSOMGloucestershire & Middlesex18th to 19th c.1088
KENWARDLewes & Firle, SussexAll dates975
KENWARDBeddingham, SussexAll dates975
KENWARDBeddingham, SussexAll dates975
KENWARDBeddingham, SussexAll dates975
KETCHELL Lewes & Lurgershall1890 – 20001438
KETTLEHereford, WorcesterAny1481
KINGLondon, Middlesex19th to 20th c.117
KINGHove & Eastbourne, SussexAll dates1043
KINNISONDundee, Scotland1850s10
KINNISONCalcutta, India1880s10
KIRBYSeaham Co. DurhamAll dates1353/1354
KNIGHTSussex & Surrey1700 to 1900774
KNIGHTHastings & Battle, Sussex1700 onwards1080
KNIGHTHastings & Battle1790 – 19011080
KNIGHTSussex18th c1319
KNIGHTBrighton SussexAll dates1414
KNOWLTONPoddington, Bedfordshire1790s10
KRAEUSSLACHWindsor Berks.1820 to 19201394
- L -
LACEYRye, Sussex1770 to 1900467
LACEYWhitstable, Kent1860 to date467
LAIRDEastbourne, Sussex1920s to 1930s1236
LAMBIRTHAll areasAll dates949
LANCASTERPunnetts Town1930 – 1950 >1431
LANHAMSouthampton, Hampshire1850 to 20021147
LANHAMSouth Stoneham1850 to 20021147
LARBYSussex & LondonAll dates1261
LARKMANSouth LondonAll dates1017
LARTERSouthwark, SurreyPre 1890396
LARTERBermondsey, SurreyPre 1890396
LASSITERHampshire1850 to 20021147
LAURENCEThanet, Kent1750 to 1888956
LAVEDERAll areasAll dates1203
LAWRENCELambeth, Surrey18th to 19th c.1069
LAWRENCEStaines & Ashford, MiddlesexAll dates1213
LAWRENCESouth West LondonAll dates1213
LEARCoventry, Warwickshire1800 to 18601056
LEARLambeth, Surrey1800 to 18601056
LEARLambeth, Surrey1800 to 18601056
LEAVERAll locationsAll dates1026
LEAVERAll locationsAll dates1026
LECHEAll areasAll dates737
LEEBethnal Green, LondonAll dates880
LEESouth Gloucestershire, Bristol1740 – 18301464
LEESOoldham, Lancashire1869950
LEMONAll areasAll dates967/968
LETTICEYaxley, Huntingdonshire1820s132
LEVYSt Bodolph, Aldgate,East London1800's1465
LEWCOCKKeny & Suffolk1765 to 1920956
LEWISEastbourne, SussexAll dates631
LEWISSsx, esp. Eastbourne1840 & earlier1399/1400
LINDFIELDLewes, SussexAll dates586
LINDFIELDFletching, East Hoathly, Lindfield, SussexAll dates1424
LINESNorfolk & SuffolkBefore 19001339
LIPSCOMBESu8ssex, Kent & Devon950 to 20111413
LISTERSouthwark, Surrey1830 to 186536
LISTERLewisham, KentLate 19th to 20th c.36
LOADSMANAll areasAll dates396
LOCKI.O.W.18th to 19th c.1069
LOVELLChipperton, Wiltshire18th to 19th c.888
LOWER Brighton SussexAny1430
LOWER Seaford SussexAny1430
LUCASSt. Mary, EastbournePre & post 19001438
LUCASTonbridgePre & post 19001438
LUCOCKKeny & Suffolk1765 to 1920956
LULHAMSedlescombe, Sussex1600 to 1750154
LULHAMEast SussexAll1382/1383
LYALLSwinton, South Yorkshire18001097
LYDDONSomerset & Devon1700s695
LYELLLanarkshire & Fife, Scotland1800 to date36
LYTEDevon, Cornwall & Sussex1000 to 20111413
- M -
MACHINNewport, ShropshireUp to 18531349
MACKAY PUTONEdinburgh18891484
MACKENZIECaithness, Scotland1810 onwards1164
MAGUIREDublin, EireAll dates1353/1354
MAHONYany18th & 19th c1385
MAILEGreat Stuckley, HuntingdonshirePre 1740132
MAINWigtownshire, ScotlandPre 1850888
MAKERI.O.W.18th to 19th c.1069
MANEastbourne, SussexAll dates586
MANNGlatton, Huntingdonshire1750s132
MANNHickling, NottinghamshireAll dates1043
MANNNottingham, NottinghamshireAll dates1043
MANNINGSandon, HertfordshireAll dates623
MANSERWillingdon1750 – 18501479
MARCHANTHurstpierpoint, Sussex1800 to 1860425
MARCROFTSouth YorkshireUp to present1349
MARSHAverhay, NottinghamshireAll dates586
MARSHALLLichfield, StaffordshireAll dates1043
MARSHALLNottingham, NottinghamshireAll dates1043
MARTINHerstmonceux, Sussex169910
MARTINBirch, Essex19th c.623
MARTINChelsea, London18th c.755
MARTINAll areasPre 1858824
MARTINDevon19th c.1104
MARTINEast SussexAll1382/1383
MARTINSeaford, Battle1700 – 18001474
MASONFelkirk, Yorkshire18th c.262
MATTHEWSHove, Sussex1800s1256
MATTHEWSEastbourne, Sussex1900s1256
MAUNDERWiltshire1800 onwards1235
MAXWELLDevon, Cornwall & Sussex950 to 20111413
MAYERSNewhaven, Sussex1900 to present972/1135
MAYNARDRotherfield, SsxAll dates770
MAYNARDEastbourne & Seaford, Ssx1750 to 18501257
McCARAPerthshire, Scotland1600 to 18301423
McCRACKENWigtownshire, Scotland18th to 19th c.888
McCULLOCHWigtownshire, ScotlandPre 1850888
McGANWigtownshire, Scotland18th to 19th c.888
McINTOSHPerth, Dundee ScotlandAll dates1391
McKAYAll areas1810 onwards1164
MEDHURSTKent1800s to 1800s774
MELLOWSBulwell, Nottinghamshire18th to 19th c.888
MENDOZAEast SussexAll1382/1383
MEPHAMSussexPre 19401407
MEPHAMEast Sussex & KentAll1382/1383
MEREDITHGlamorgan & Merioneth, Wales1891 to 1901806
MESSITERSussex1700 to 1800423
MICHELMORECentral London1750 onwards1104
MILLEREastbourne, Sussex18th to 19th c.118
MILLERSeaham Co. DurhamAll dates1353/1354
MILLSLavenham, Suffolk18th c.349
MILLSKent1600's – 1800's1456/1457
MILSOMChippenham, Wiltshire18th to 19th c.888
MILSOMBow, London/MiddlesexAll dates1088
MILSOMGloucestershire & Middlesex18th to 19th c.1088
MILSOMFishponds, GloucestershirePre 18501088
MILTONHastings, Sussex1870 to 1900467
MILWAINWigtownshir, ScotlandPre 1850888
MINIHANCo limerick, IrelandAny1466
MITCHELLAsthall, Oxfordshire1700 to 18003
MITCHELLHackney, London1850 to 19003
MITCHELLDallington, Sussex1600 to 19001010
MITCHELLWarbleton, Sussex1600 to 19001010
MITCHELLHeathfield, Sussex1600 to 19001010
MITCHELLHailsham, Sussex1900 to 19501010
MITCHELLEastbourne SussexT.B.A.1405
MITCHENEREastbourne, Sussex1900 onwards1345
MOCKETTEastbourne, East Sussex19181369
MODIEOakwood Hill, Surrey1904 onwards1211
MOMKHOUSECamberwellDOB 18881441
MONAGHANMorpeth1847 to 1950154
MOODYOxfordshire & Middlesex1760 onwards1421/1422
MOORRye, Sussex1780 to 1880154
MOOROakwood Hill, Surrey1904 onwards1211
MOOREDuxbury, Ma. USALate 19th to 20th c.36
MOORERye, Sussex1780 to 1980154
MOOREWigtownshire, Scotland18th to 19th c.888
MOOREOuse Valley, SussexPre 19001096
MOORESurrey & Sussex1870 – 1960s1403
MORGANWest SussexAll1382/1383
MORRISLewes, SussexPre 1800396
MORRISFoleshill, Warwickshire1750 to date1056
MORTIMERHastings, Tonbridge, SuffolkAll dates1403
MUGRIDGESussex1700 to 1800423
MUIRWigtownshire, Scotland18th to 19th c.888
MULLARDCressage, Shropshire1780s10
MUNCEYLondon20th c.831
- N -
NEATWestbury, Wiltshire1750 to 18501026
NEVESussexPre 19011207/1208
NEWALLCheshire18th c.737
NEWBERRYLondonAll dates1428
NEWINGTONSussex17th - 19th c1319
NEWMANSt Ives, Huntingdonshire1770 to 1860635
NEWMAN St. Mary, EastbournePre 1700 to present1438
NEWTONWoolwich, Kent19th c.888
NEWTONMiddlesex & Hertfordshire1750 to 18401056
NEWTONHertfordshirePre 18201056
NOBLEFermanagh1800 - 20001449/1450
NORRISPishill Henley, Oxfordshire19th to 20th c.592
NOVICEAll areasAll dates396
NOVISAll areasAll dates396
NUTTALLOldham, Lancashire1829950
NUTTALLEastbourne, sussex1829950
- O -
OAKLEYLondon1850 onwards1421/1422
OCKENDENEast Sussex1700 – 18001474
ODDENEastbourne1880 – 18871467
ODELLLondon, Bedfordshire1700 – todate1464
OFFENWestfield, Sussex1700 to 1900154
OFFENKent1700 to 1900154
OFFENHastings, Sussex1700 to 1900154
OLDACREEast SussexAll1382/1383
OLDHAMSussex1817 to 18881236
OLIVESussex1700 to 1800423
OLIVECantrbury & EastbournePrior to 18871307
OLIVECanterbury & Eastbourne18871307
OLIVERSteatham, Surrey1890 to 1953467
OLIVERLong Bredy, Dorset & Ellingham, Hants1680 to 18701423
ORANGENormandy, France, London1550 – 18151464
OSBONBrighton, Sussex1800s to 1900s774
OTTERStamford, Lincolnshire18th to 19th c.888
OTTERUppingham, Rutland18th to 19th c.888
- P -
PACKHAMSussex & Kent1700 to 1900956
PAGEEssex & Kent18th c.825
PAPEClerkenwell, London1810 – 19001464
PARKERScotland1700 onwards1141
PARKEREastbourne, East SussexTBA1369
PARKSSussex1700 to 1800423
PARKSHastings & Battle1790 – 18901080
PARRYMOREAll areasAll dates825
PARSLOWBristol, South Gloucestershire1750 – 18601464
PARSONSSussex1700 to 1800423
PARSONSWarehome, Kent1700 to 1920467
PARTINGTONLeigh, LancashireUp to 18551349
PASFIELDOxford 18001340
PATONMangotsfield, Glous18001484
PAYNEWakefield, YorkshireAll dates117
PAYNESussex & Kent1700 to 1800423
PAYNEGlynde, Sussex1800 to onwards778
PEACHEYGloucestershire & Oxfordshire19th c.1104
PEACOCKYork, Yorkshire1918 onwards959
PEACOCKNorthumberland1700 onwards1141
PEARCEOxford1700 to mid 19001340
PEARCEAll areas19th c.967/968
PEARLERComnbs, Suffolk16th to 19th c.888
PEARSONDickleburgh, Norfolk18th c.349
PEARSONCuerdon, Lancashire18th to 19th c.737
PEASNELLTowcester1860 to 18801425/1426
PECHEGloucestershire1700 onwards1104
PECKBerks & St Pancras1819 to date1387
PERKSWarwickshire1800 to 1900806
PETERSHastings, SussexAll dates1299
PETTIBONE JohnEastbourne1600's1473
PETTIBONE RichardEastbourne1600's1473
PETTIBONE ThomasEastbourne1600's1473
PHEABYSussex1860 to 1950469
PHILLIPS Brighton Sussex1820 – 19401430
PICKETTSussexPre 19401407
PIERCEHurstpierpoint, Sussex1780 to 1880425
PIGELondon, Middlesex17th to 19th c.1088
PILLINGChorlton, Lancashire1840s950
PILSWORTHCambridgeshire & Lincolnshire1770 to 1880857
PINYOUNLewes, Sussex1800s – 1900s1375
PINYOUNLewes, Eastbourne18001484
PIPERHellingly, Sussex1790 to 1900156
PIPERHeathfield, Sussex1800 onwards778
PITMANBrighton, Sussex1800 to 1900940
PLATTMundford, Norfolk1800 to 18103
PLUMMERLondon 18001340
POCKNALLSutton on Hone, Kent19th c.1069
POCOCKSussex1600 to 1750663
POCOCKCanada1943 onwards967/968
POLLARDDenton, East Sussex19161369
POLLARDLewes, Sussex1800s – 1900s1375
POLLARDChalvington, Sussex1818 onwards967/968
POOLLYMaidstone, KentPre 1800737
PORTERMarylebone, Middlesex19th c.623
PORTERCamberwell, Surrey1890 onwards623
PORTEREccles, Lancashire1848950
POST OFFICE EMPLOYEESEastbourne, SussexAll dates808
POTTERBattle, SussexAll dates586
POTTERPeckham, London18751069
POTTERWalworth & Southwark, Surrey18th to 19th c.1069
POTTERBeckenham & Bromley, London1900 to present1420
POTTIERBow, London, Middlesex.All dates1088
PRAGNELLRomsey, HampshirePre 18201182
PRATTSussexPre 1881857
PRATTFriern Barnett & Enfield, Middx.1840 to present1203
PRESSMile End, LondonAll dates1017
PRICEBethnal Green, London1800 to 19003
PRICEDunkirk, KentPre 18371331/1332
PRITCHARDHereford, WorcesterAny1481
PRODGERSussex1700 to 1800423
PRODGERSussex1700 to 1800423
PROTHERWOODNorthamptonshireAll dates1152
PROUTKingsclere, Hampshire18th c.349
PUDDEFOOTHertfordshire1750 to 18421056
PUDDEFOOTStanmore, Middlesex1750 to 18421056
PUDDLEAll areasAll dates967/968
PURFIELDBattle, Sussex1830 to 1900154
PURKISSAll locationsAll dates1026
PURKISSEastbourne, Sussex1900 to date1026
PURVEYSussex1750 to 1810425
PUTLANDKent & Sussex1800s to 190os774
PUTLANDEast Sussex1890 – 19201468
PUTTOCKKent & Sussex1800s to 1900s774
PYTALLondon & PolandAll dates1391
- Q -
- R -
RAINEMiddlesex, Surrey ( London )1795-18101440
RAINEParish unknown1840 – 18511440
RAITWhitechapel, London1700 to 18001026
RANGESt Lukes, London1800 to 1900880
REACEMarylebone & Paddington, Middx.18502
REEDHeathfield, Sussex1800 onwards778
REEDBodle, Herstmonceux1800's1479
REEDERNorfolk & Suffolk18th to 19th c.755
REEDERDerbyshire & Hertfordshire19th c.755
REEVESEastbourne, Sussex & Kent1800 onwards26
REEVESSussex1800 to 1900425
REEVESHailsham, Eastbourne, Polegate, Sussex1870s – 1960s1403
RELFGoudhurst, Kent1800 onwards778
REWELLSussexAll dates586
RICHARDSONDurham20th c.117
RICHARDSONBrede, Sussex1700 to 1900154
RICHARDSONBeeding, Sussex1820 to 1960633
RICHARDSONEast SussexAll1382/1383
RICHMONDLincoln1000 to 20111413
RICKETTSDerbyshire, Sussex1800 – 19001471
RIDLEYEast Sussex1700 to 190027
RIDOUTKent1860 to 19001122
RIDOUTGloucestershire1700 to 18601122
RIDOUTLondonPost 18971122
RIDOUTEast Sussex1870 to 19001122
RIGGAyr, Scotland1700 onwards1141
RIGGSEastbourne, SussexPrior to 18781307
RIGGSEastbourne 18781307
RILEYHuddersfield, YorkshireUp to 18521349
RIMMERFormby, Lancashire1600 onwards1141
ROADHOUSESouth YorkshireUp to present1349
ROBERTSDonhead St Mary, Wilts. & Chelsea1700 to 18801423
ROBERTSLincoln, Lincolnshire1830 onwards1191/1192
ROBERTSTicehurst1400 – 18001474
ROBINSChippenham, Wiltshire18th to 19th c.888
ROBSONLondon, Kent, Surrey1825 & earlier1399/1400
ROELICHBrighton, SussexAll dates586
ROGERSONScotlandAll dates1222/1223
ROLFEKingsclere, Hampshire18th c.350
ROSEWELLSurrey18th c.967/968
ROSSCaithness, Scotland1800 onwards1164
ROUSEStamford, Lincolnshire18th to 19th c.888
ROYLanarkshire & Fife, Scotland1800 onwards36
ROYPlymouth, Devon1870 onwards36
ROYNairn, ScotlandPre 1820825
RUSCOEEccles, Lancashire1780950
RUSHBillingford, Norfolk18th to 19th c.888
RUSHHoxne, Suffolk18th to 19th c.888
RUSHENWillcott, WiltshirePrio to 1835888
RUSHENWilcott, Wiltshire18351307
RUSSELLLanarkshire, Scotland19th c.36
RUSSELLKent & Sussex18th to 20th c.592
RUSSELLLeicestershire & Warwickshire19th c.755
RUSSELLSouthwark, Deptford1790 – todate1475
RUSTOld Newton, Suffolk16th c. onwards888
- S -
SADDEarlys Colne, Essex1800s132
SAGEMANSussex1780 to 1840425
SALMONHaddenham, Cambs.1850 onwards1314/1315
SANDERSLondon 18001340
SANDSSussex & SurreyAll dates663
SANKEYMuch Wenlock, Shrpshire1700s10
SAUNDERSSussex1800 to 1940425
SAUNDERSHoxne area, Suffolk19th c.888
SAUNDERSRamsgateDOB 19201441
SAVAGEDevonPre 19011207/1208
SAVILLEEssex1840 & earlier1339/1400
SAXBYBucks (Police Records)18655 to 18951425/1426
SAYCEShropshireAll dates1419
SAYERSEastbourne, Sussex1800 – 19001314/1315
SCALLEYMidlands1850 onwards1104
SCHORAHFelkirk, Yorkshire18th c.262
SCOTTShanklin, Isle of Wight18741069
SCRINEWiltshireBefore 19001339
SELMESEast SussexAll dates1188
SEYMOURHilmarton, Wiltshire179810
SHAWIsfield, SussexAll dates586
SHELDRICKHorham, Suffolk18th to 19th c.888
SHERIDANSussexPre 19011207/1208
SHERREITTLeitrim, Cavans, Downs1700 – 20131449/1450
SHOEBRIDGE Hellingly1911 onward1432 1433
SHOESMITHSussex1700 to 1850423
SHOOBRIDGEHurstmonceux 1800 – 18311432 1433
SHOOBRIDGE Eastbourne ( West Firl )1750 – 18281432 1433
SHORTWivelsfield, SussexPrior to 18301307
SHORTWivelsfield, Eastbourne1830 onwards1307
SILICECannington, Somerset19th c.1292
SILVESTERBerks, Oxon1500 – 20131449/1450
SIMESBrightling18th & 19th c1385
SIMMONSCuddington, Buckinghamshire179910
SIMPSONHampshireAll dates1017
SIMPSONEast London18th & 19th c1385
SIMSRye Sussex, KentAll dates1296/1297
SINDENEastbourne, Sussex1800s774
SINFIELDIslington & Enfield, Middx.1800 to 1890 onwards1203
SLATERCroydon, SurreyEarly 20th c.36
SLAVENIreland & Durham18th to 19th c.888
SMEDLEYBullwell, Nottinghamshire18th to 19th c.888
SMITHChailey, Sussex1750 to 190027
SMITHFletching, Sussex1700 to 185027
SMITHMaresfield, Sussex1650 to 175027
SMITHNewick, Sussex1800 to 190027
SMITHMorley, DerbyshirePre 1710132
SMITHBrede, Sussex1800 to 1900154
SMITHSussexPre 1700663
SMITHHorhamn, Suffolk18th to 19th c.888
SMITHHighworth, Wiltshire1800 to 19001026
SMITHChersham & Croydon, Surrey1700 to 19001235
SMITHTissington, Derbyshire1800 onwards1191/1192
SMITH Caleb and Minnie Hurstmonceux area1904 and after1431
SMYTHEChelsea, London1850 onwards1164
SPARHAMCroydon, Surrey1940 to 19501152
SPELESSTEDSussex & Kent16th & 17th c.930
SPELESTEDESussex & Kent16th & 17th c.930
SPELLERIslington, London1800 on1104
SPELLERAll areas18th to 19th c.1104
SPELSTESussex & Kent16th & 17th c.930
SPELSTEDSussex & Kent16th & 17th c.930
SPELSTEDSussex & Kent16th & 17th c.930
SPELSTEDSussex & Kent16th & 17th c.930
SPENCEWigtownshire, ScotlandPre 1850888
SPESSTEDESussex & Kent16th & 17th c.930
SPICEHastings & Eastbourne1800-19661387
SPILLMANBushley, Worcs1680 – 18001302
SPILLSTEDKent & Sussex17th to 18th c.930
SPILSSTETESussex & Kent16th & 17th c.930
SPILSTEADSussexPre 1600.930
SPILSTEDSussex17th to 18th c.930
SPILSTREDSussex & Kent16th & 17th c.930
SPILSTRETTSussex & Kent16th & 17th c.930
SPILSTYSussex & Kent16th & 17th c.930
SPILYTYDSussex & Kent16th & 17th c.930
SPLISTEDESussex & Kent16th & 17th c.930
SPLYSTEDSussex & Kent16th & 17th c.930
SPROUTKingsclere, Hampshire18th c.349
SQUIBBSeaford, Sussex1800 onwards1261
STACESalehurst, Sussex1800 to 1920633
STACEYDorset & SomersetAll dates117
STANLEYHam1800 onwards1017
STARKMANLondon & PolandAll dates1391
STARSMOREDundee, ScotlandPre 18401182
STARSMOREOundle & DeenePre 18401182
STEELSpitalfields, London1840 to 1871880
STEELEEast Sussex & Staffs.All1382/1383
STEGGALLOld Newton, Suffolk18th to 19th c.888
STEPHENSChedwyn, Gloucestershire17th to 18th c.1104
STEVENSSeaford, Sussex18th - 19th c1319
STEVENSWarbleton, Sussex1800s1375
STEWARTBedlington, Northumberland1870 to 1950154
STEWARTNewington/CamberwellPre 18801056
STONE-WOOTTONAll areasAll dates467
STOWAll areas18871307
STURGESLondon19th c.755
SUITTERSGoudhurst, KentPre 19001096
SUTTONSussex18th c1319
- T -
TAITBerwick, Wooler ? & Newcastle1700 onwards1141
TAITNewcastle1700 onwards1141
TATESt Pancras, London1790 to 18303
TAYLORSurrey1800 onwards1014
TAYLORIsle of Wight1800's1458/1459
TELEGRAPH COMPANIES & EMPLOYEESEastbourne, Sussex19th to 20th c.808
THACKERAYGrassmers, Westmorland18th c.737
THOMASOld Newton, Suffolk18th c. onwards888
THOMPSONUpper Stondon, Bedfordshire1840 onwards623
THOMPSONStotfold, Bedfordshire1880 to 1940623
THOMPSONSheffield, Yorkshire1700 onwards1141
THOMPSONEastbourne, Sussex1920s to 1930s1236
THORNEWestminster, Middx.Pre 18401182
THORNESt Pancras & Eastbourne1822-19261387
THURGATEHertfordshire1775 to 1850940
THURGATENorfolk1750 to 1825940
THURMANLincoln, Lin1800s1097
TICEHURSTBishopstone, Sussex179610
TIDEYSussex18th - 19th c1319
TILLEYHenlow, Bedfordshire16th to 17th c.36
TOELLSouth YorkshireUp to 18811349
TOLANMorpeth,1840 to 1860154
TOMKIESSt Mary Avenue, LondonPre 19321152
TOMPSETTSussex, Kent & Devon1000 to 20111413
TOPLISDerbyshire1600's – 1900's1456/1457
TRESTAINCornwall18th to 19th c.737
TRIMMINGHants & SussexAll dates1391
TRUSLEREast & West SussexAll1382/1383
TUGWELLLewes & Firle, SussexAll dates975
TUGWELLBeddingham, SussexAll dates975
TUKZYorkshireUp to 19391349
TUNKSPaddington, Middlesex19th c.623
TURNBULLRotherglen and Hawick, ScotlandAny1466
TURNEROld Newton, Suffolk17th to 19th c.888
TURPINYork, YorkshirePre 1825959
TWINEEastbourne, Sussex1890 to 19061141
TYHURSTSussexAll dates586
TYHURSTKentAll dates586
TYLERLittle Finborough, Suffolk18th c. onwards888
TYLER MILSOMGloucestershire & Middlesex18th to 19th c.1088
- U -
UPSTALLSingleton Sussex1830 to 19001394
- V -
VAN DER BOOSTCentral London18th to 19th c.1104
VANSTANIreland, England & AustraliaAll dates826
VEASEYSouth LondonAll dates1017
VEASEYCamberwell, SurreyAll dates1017
VENESSEastbourne, SussexAll dates586
VENTHAMWinchester, Hampshire18252
VENTHAMPortsea, Hampshire18902
VERRIERKent1400 – 1700's1456/1457
VINCENTWandsworth, Surrey18th to 19th c.623
VINCENTPoplar, Middlesex1880 to 1935623
VINERingmer, Sussex1788 to 1804156
VINEWilmington, Sussex1786 to 1804156
VINEEast Dean, Sussex1750s156
VINEWillingdon, Sussex1796 onwards778
VINEEastbourne, Sussex1904 onwards1211
VINEHailsham, SussexAll dates1261
VIRGOBrighton, SussexAll dates586
VITLERSussex1700 to 19001211
- W -
WADDINGTONEastbourne, Sussex1870 to 1915ds586
WADEYEastbourne, SussexAll dates1127
WAGNERBattle Sussex1850 to present1427
WAGNERHerstmonceux Sussex1818 to 19001427
WAGNERHastings Sussex1850 to present1427
WAGNERSt Leonards on sea Sussex1840 to 18801427
WAINStaffs. & Derbyshire1800-19421387
WAITESeend, Wiltshire1800 on1104
WALDERLondon1850 to 19111253
WALESNamaqaland S. A.All1382/1383
WALKERHastings, Sussex1870 to 1900467
WALLACEBradfield, Berkshire18th c.350
WALLASCumberlandUp to 18541349
WALLERNewhaven, Sussex1800 onwards972
WALLISSt Olave, LondonPre 19001096
WALLISTunbridge Wells & Tonbridge1800 to present1420
WALLISSussex1900 to present1420
WARDHaughley & Old Newton, Suffolk18th to 19th c.888
WARDHorham, Suffolk18th to 19th c.888
WARDLE Bethnal Green & WarwickshireAny1438
WAREKent1800 onwards778
WARNEIsle of Wight18th to 19th c.1069
WARRENLanarkshire, Scotland1800 onwards36
WARRENBanstead, SurreyEarly 20th c.36
WARRENMilverton, SomersetPre 1810396
WATCHAMGreat Bentley, EssexAll dates623
WATERSUxbridge, Middx.1890 to 19141152
WATSONSussex1920s to 1930s1236
WATSONSeaham Co. DurhamAll dates1353/1354
WAYBOURNAll areasAll dates817
WEATHERLEYRuislip, Middlesex1600 to 1850154
WEAVERLondonAll dates817
WEBBStepney, London19th to 20th c.117
WEBBEarlys Colne, Essex1790132
WEBBERPoole, Dorset1890s1302
WEBESTERBrafield, NorthamptonshirePre 1750132
WEEKESEastbourne, Sussex1900s1302
WEEKESTicehurst, Kent1800s1302
WEEKESSussex, Essex, Kent1800 – 19391480
WEEKSHorsham, West Sussex1857 – 18921369
WEEKSPetworth, West Sussex18901369
WESLEYSussex, BucksAny1462
WESTMaker, Cornwall ?1700s695
WESTEastbourne, Sussex1920s to 1930s1236
WESTWest SussexAll1382/1383
WESTLEYLondon Essex1700 – mid 19001340
WESTONEastbourne, sussexAll dates586
WESTONBurwash, sussexPre 18001182
WESTONSouth EnglandAll dates1222/1223
WEYBOURNAll areasAll dates817
WHEATLEY Surrey18501435
WHEATLEY Surrey18501436
WHIBBLESOxfordshire1810 onwards1421/1422
WHISTONAll areasAll dates469
WHITEStorrington, Sussex1800 onwards778
WHITEIlminster, Somerset1800 to 1840880
WHITEWhite Lackington, Somerset1840 to 1890880
WHITEChiddingly, SussexAll dates1299
WHITEHastings, SussexAll dates1299
WHITEPeebles ScotlandAll dates1391
WHITMARCHSomerset, Dorset & Durham18th to 20th c.117
WHITMARSHSomerset, Dorset & Durham18th to 20th c.117
WHITMARSHSalisbury, WiltshirePre 19301191/1192
WHITNEYLondon, Middlesex & Eastbourne, Ssx1760 to date1340
WHITTAKERCheshire & Lancashire18th & 19th c.1292
WHYBORNAll areasAll dates817
WHYBORNEAll areasAll dates817
WHYBOURNEAll areasAll dates817
WILDRipley, Derbyshire19th c.888
WILDISHUpchurch, Kent178410
WILKINSSussex1700 to 1850423
WILKINSONLancashire18th to 19th c.737
WILKSSouthwark, Surrey1800s1056
WILKSStepney, London1790 to 18201056
WILLARDEastbourne, SussexPre 19011207/1208
WILLETTShoreditch, London18th to 19th c.755
WILLETTShoreditch, London18th to 19th c.755
WILLIAMSBlackfriars, London18th to 19th c.1104
WILLIAMSShropshire1800 onwards1104
WILLIAMSMarylebone, London19th & early 20th c.1292
WILLIAMSShrewsbury, ShropshireUp to present1349
WILLIAMSLondon, Weymouth1800 – 18701464
WILLIAMSCarmarthen, WalesPre 19501460/1461
WILLIScroydon, Surrey1800 onwards1235
WILSONNewark, Nottinghamshire18th to 19th c.36
WILSONAlfriston1600- 18501474
WINDRIDGEBermondsey, SurreyAll dates467
WINGBerkshire18th to 19th c.1104
WINGATESussex1800 onwards972
WINGATEPagham1700 to 19001135
WINGATEHailsham & Newhaven, Sussex.1900 to present972/1135
WINGATEHailsham & Newhaven, Sussex.1900 to present972/1135
WINGFIELDEastbourne, SussexAll dates586
WISDOMNewington, SurreyPre 18301056
WISDOMBermondsey, Surrey1780 to 18121056
WISENewhaven, Sussex1900ish & pre 18901438
WISEWilsford, Wilts1900ish & pre 18901438
WITCOMBFrome, Somerset19th c.350
WOLLARDEast London18th & 19th c1385
WOODEastbourne, Sussex173910
WOODIfield, SussexPre 1940633
WOODGATEEast SussexPre 1900396
WOODHOUSEKingsclere, London1750 – 19501475
WOOLERArlington, Sussex1750 to 1870156
WOOLERHellingly, Sussex1857 to 1880156
WOOLERWillingdon, Sussex1880 onwards156
WOOLLERArlington, Sussex1750 to 1870156
WOOLLERHellingly, Sussex1857 to 1880156
WOOLLERHellingly, Sussex1857 to 1880156
WOOLLEYWarehome, Kent1750 to 1880467
WOOLVENSussexPre 1850396
WOOLVINSussexPre 1850396
WOOTTONWestminster, Middlesex1820 to 1920467
WORSALLBurstow, SurreyPre 1850396
WORSELLBurstow, SurreyPre 1850396
WORSFOLDBurstow, SurreyAll dates396
WORSLEYEast SussexAll1382/1383
WOTTONWestminster, Middlesex1820 to 1920467
WOTTONWolborough,m DevonPre 1820467
WRIGHTColchester, Essex1860 to 1910623
WRIGHTN.Yorks, Axholme1773-19001387
WYBARNAll areasAll dates817
WYBARNEAll areasAll dates817
WYBORNAll areasAll dates817
WYBORNEAll areasAll dates817
WYBOURNEAll areasAll dates817
WYBRONAll areasAll dates817
WYBURNAll areasAll dates817
- X -
- Y -
YORKEastbourne1880 – 18871467
YOUNGIOW Newport1915 -1919 1425/1426